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Privacy Statement
This is a Government of Singapore website.

  1. If you are only browsing this website, we do not capture information that allows us to identify you individually. 
  2. If you so choose to become our registered user of sdn.sg, or to make any transaction through sdn.sg, we would ask you to provide us with your personal information. If you provide your personal information, you shall be taken to have consented to the storage, retention and use by us of any such information. 
  3. We may share necessary information with other Government agencies and agencies authorised by the Government to carry out specified functions, information about or pertaining to you, so as to serve you in a most efficient and effective way, unless such sharing is prohibited by law. Notwithstanding this, if there is any change in the personal information you have provided us or in your status, it shall be your duty to notify us immediately of such a change. 
  4. For your convenience, we may also display to you data you had previously supplied us or other Government agencies. This will speed up the transaction and save you the trouble of repeating previous submissions. Should the data be out-of-date, please supply us the latest data. We will retain your personal data only as necessary for the effective delivery of public services to you.
  5. We may also keep records relating to your access to our web server. For that purpose, cookies may be sent by our server to your system and may be collected by SDN due to your access to our server by using your system. 
  6. You must keep your SingPass login ID and password secure at all times. Sharing of SingPass login ID and password is prohibited. 
  7. You must keep confidential any information (including personal particulars and photographs) about anyone that you receive directly or indirectly through your use of access to sdn.sg or otherwise in relation to sdn.sg. You must not use such information in any manner except for the purposes for which sdn.sg has made such information available or the purposes for which sdn.sg has been set up. 
  8. To safeguard your personal data, all electronic transmissions and storage of personal data have been secured with commercially reasonable security procedures. We are not responsible for any harm that you or anyone else may suffer as a result of a breach of security because of your use of sdn.sg. 
  9. SDN reserves the right to (a) amass, harvest, collect, track and store any information or data regarding yourself or your activities or usage on sdn.sg by using cookies, data-tracking software and such other software, tracking devices or processes which enable us to do so; and (b) trade, sell, disseminate or disclose to any third party statistical information (the "Statistical Information") pertaining directly or indirectly to persons who access and/or use of sdn.sg or otherwise in relation to sdn.sg. Any such Statistical Information will not disclose your identity, or contain any information which may identify you.
  10. We may take any action with respect to or disclose any information provided by you for the purposes of (a) compliance with any requirement of law, order of court or any legal or administrative proceedings; or (b) identifying, contacting or bringing any legal action against you or any other user in respect of the use of sdn.sg; or (c) taking any action against any individual or party believed to be causing injury or interference with (either intentionally or unintentionally) our rights or property, the rights or property of any user, or anyone else that could be harmed by such activities. 
  11. This obligation of confidentiality shall survive the lapse of this agreement and/or your SDN account. 
  12. You must not post or otherwise communicate on or through sdn.sg any message, comment, statement or material which is offensive, objectionable, disparaging, defamatory or illegal. 
  13. In addition to any other remedies or legal recourse we may have against you in law, we may terminate your SDN Website Registered User status or stop you from participating in SDN programmes or using any SDN facilities if you breach any of the terms of sdn.sg or fail to comply with any direction issued by SDN from time to time. 
  14. We are entitled to rely on the correct entry of a SingPass login ID and password as conclusive evidence of the authenticity of the instruction and authority of the originator of such instruction. 
  15. The copyright in sdn.sg is owned by SDN or our licensors. No part of parts hereof may be reproduced, distributed, adapted, modified, republished, displayed, broadcasted, hyperlinked, framed or transmitted in any manner or by any means or stored in an information retrieval system without SDN's prior written permission. You also may not, without the prior written permission of SDN, insert a hyperlink to sdn.sg on any other website or "mirror" any information contained on sdn.sg on any other server. 
  16. By accessing and or using sdn.sg, you agree that Singapore law shall govern such access and you agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of Singapore courts. 
  17. We make no representations on the suitability of the information and related graphics contained in or published on this website for any purpose. 
  18. This site may contain links to non-Government sites whose data protection and privacy practices may differ from ours. We are not responsible for the content and privacy practices of these other websites and strongly encourage you to consult the privacy notices of those sites. Any access, use or engagement of or other dealings with such websites, entities, products or services shall be sole at the user’s own risk.
  19. Written requests to link to sdn.sg will have to be made via msf_sdn@msf.gov.sg .
  20. For any enquires or feedback on our data protection policies and procedures, please contact:

    Telephone: 1800-111-2222
    Email: msf_sdn@msf.gov.sg