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4 Fun Cycling Routes to Explore

With newer roads and park connectors linking up the most scenic parts of Singapore, cycling is increasingly becoming a favourite recreational activity for many. Here are four Instagram-worthy routes to check out with friends.

 By Janice Lin

East Coast Park to Marina Bay route (Eastern Coastal Loop)

This route is best done in the evening for stunning sunset views at the beach and Marina Bay. Start at East Coast Park’s Playground at Big Splash, the former water park that is now a dining and recreation spot. From there, cycle along the coast to the new bridge that forms the extension to the Marina Bay area. A few hundred metres past the bridge will take you to the wide expanse of water that forms the Marina Bay. Its blend of nature and futuristic view of Marina Bay Sands in the background make for a lovely snapshot. End your ride at the Marina Barrage, where you’ll be treated to the sight of flying kites and passing ships. It’s a fun, scenic cycling experience to do with your significant other or with a group of friends.

Coney Island to Punggol

The charm of Coney Island lies in how underdeveloped it is. Situated off northeast Singapore, the island is home to flowering acacia trees, coastal forests, mangroves, grasslands as well as a wide variety of birds and other wildlife. Gather some of your adventurous, nature-loving pals and head there for beautiful, IG-perfect views of Coney Island’s coasts, and cycle leisurely along its promenades that can be found on the western and eastern ends of the island. Coney Island is connected to the mainland via two bridges, and the West Entrance will take you to Punggol Settlement and Punggol Point Park, where you can end the day by relaxing along the jetty.

Northern Explorer Loop

This 11km walking and cycling trail will take you from the Lower Seletar Reservoir Park through the Mandai, Ulu Sembawang and Woodlands (SLE) park connectors to Admiralty Park. It’s a route filled with endless surprises, and certainly makes for a fun day out with friends. You’ll need an hour to cycle the whole route, but it is never boring, as you will pass the calm, quiet waters of the Upper Seletar Reservoir, plenty of lush forest and vast grasslands along the way. This trail ends at the beautiful Woodlands Waterfront, one of Singapore’s longest coastal jetties, which overlooks the sea to the north…definitely a memorable Instagram shot! Don’t forget to pack a picnic so you can rest, chat over an outdoor meal, and enjoy the views together.

Pulau Ubin

If you and your special someone enjoy all things nostalgic, make a date for Pulau Ubin, an island off our eastern coast that is often considered the last kampung in Singapore. Here, time slows down as nature comes to life. From mynah birds to sea hares and octopuses, you’d be spoilt for choice if you’re a wildlife enthusiast. Cycle from Ubin’s rustic village to the bottom of Puaka Hill, where you can stop and hike to the summit for a romantic, postcard-perfect overhead view of an old granite quarry and the vivid blue waters below. Next, cycle past overgrown rubber plantations and soaring coconut trees to Chek Jawa, Ubin’s star attraction. This 100-hectare wetlands is home to one of Singapore’s richest ecosystems, boasting coral reefs, sand dollars, starfish and other marine wildlife.

Join the OCBC Cycle 2018

Calling all cycling enthusiasts: the 10th edition of the annual OCBC Cycle is here once more. This year’s mass cycling event, to be held on 5 and 6 May at the Singapore Sports Hub, will see riders of all skill levels join in on the fun and riding around the Marina Bay area.

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