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There is a science to creating an online profile – understanding what people pay attention to is key to be successful in your quest for online love.

Profile Picture

Let's face it: your profile picture is going to be the main factor that determines whether the rest of your profile gets read.


  • leave it blank. At best you come across as someone who couldn't be bothered; at worst, you seem like someone who's ashamed of how you look.
  • upload celebrity/ animal/ cartoon images. Even if you love your pet to death, this is the space to highlight yourself. There is space elsewhere to expound on your love for animals.
  • upload group photos. Who exactly are we supposed to be looking at?
  • wear sunglasses. Your eyes are the windows to your soul, so let suitors peer in!
  • take selfies. Selfies are the epitome of narcissism and ought to be banned in any situation where you want to be taken seriously.
  • let the surrounding overwhelm the photo. If all you're going to be is a speck in the photo, then what's the point?


  • use a recent photo of yourself where you are alone, smiling, well-lit and in-focus.

When these conditions are fulfilled, you'll have a photo that showcases who you are, without coming across as unapproachable or even – gasp! – creepy. This ensures an optimal number of views!

About Me

This is the most important section of your profile, second only to your photo. How then do you ensure that you come across as the person you are? The trick to this section is to personalise it with little titbits that are specifically you – and don't skimp on the details!

It doesn't matter how the information is presented; the point is to allow others a glimpse of your personality. On a digital platform, this information is important for other people to assess if it would be worthwhile to spend real time with you.

So what kind of details should you add?


Are you an introvert, or are you outspoken and loud? This is where a potential suitor gets a taste of who you are before finding out for themselves. Don't give in to the urge to self-promote – this only serves to create a profile that isn't truly you. Instead, be true to yourself and think deep about what makes you tick.

We know how awkward this entire process can be, so here's a tip: get a good friend to describe you in words. That’s usually a good base from which you can add on or modify later.

Lastly, don't generalise. You're not a clone, so don't fall into the trap of saying things like “nice,” “outgoing,” “friendly” or “ambitious.” As mentioned, be specific, so explain what makes you nice and tell people about your hopes and dreams.


Expressing your likes and dislikes is crucial to finding a suitable match. You don't want to end up meeting someone who wants to drag you to the beach when you can't stand the sight of sand.

Yet another thing to note is be precise about what you like. Everybody likes movies, but what exactly tickles your cinematic fancy? A fan of chick flicks may not appreciate war epics. You don't want to cause confusion by stating something generic, and then be disappointed by whom you initially thought was a match.

Show, Don’t Tell

The best profiles are the ones that are brimming with originality and are unique. There is, after all, no better way to showcase your personality than by sharing anecdotes.

Are you a fun-loving person who loves to laugh? Include a story about the time you got into a laughing fit because your only pair of pants shrank while on holiday with friends. Are you daring and adventurous? Tell everyone about the time you swam with sharks and lived to tell the tale.


This article was first published on DUET magazine.