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Going Old School

Text message? What text message? Our parents dated without smartphones and did just fine. In fact, in many ways, old school was more romantic.

Recently, you may have heard or read about how technology can work for and against you when it comes to dating someone special. However, what if you just want to go back to the good old days and keep it old school? There is something quite romantic about dating in our parents' generation: writing letters, sending postcards and strolling through parks. Our parents may not have had smartphones to keep in contact, but they had something that we have less of these days: an unadulterated, romantic date.

Instead of packing your face-to-face time with all technological mumbo-jumbo, why not go for something simple from time to time?

Instead of…going for an IMAX 3D movie

Why not... attend a play?

We know how immersive an IMAX 3D movie is, and nothing beats watching a summer blockbuster on a giant screen. Still you are sitting in the dark with your date for two entire hours, and there's a certain sterility to the whole experience. Instead, why not attend a play? There's an intimacy between the actors and the audience that can translate to an intimacy between you and your date.

Instead of… sending a text message

Why not ... post a letter?

We get the appeal of instant messaging. It's cheap, it's fast and writing everything down is so last century. Still, writing a letter is incredibly personal. Reading a handwritten letter bridges the gap between two people, and receiving a letter that isn't a bill is always a pleasant experience. You don't have to buy scented paper for this, though! Keep it simple and keep your words sincere.

Instead of… watching a laser light show

Why not ... catch the sunrise/ sunset?

After the sun sets, there are a dozen different laser light shows going on in Singapore. With state-of-the-art lighting and sound effects, it can get a little overwhelming, not to mention crowded. Catching the sunset or sunrise, however, is a special kind of lightshow itself. Aside from getting away from the crowds, sunrises and sunsets are quiet moments where you two can share your thoughts. The best part? These light shows happen every day - for free.

Instead of… driving somewhere for the date

Why not ... ride a bicycle together!

You may have a car and our public transport system is convenient, but going for simple walks or a bike ride is how our parents used to do it. Places such as the East Coast Park rent out bicycles, even tandem bicycles, for couples to enjoy a day out by the beach. Besides, travelling from point A to B with your date on a bicycle makes you feel like you're on a journey with that special someone.

This article was first published on DUET magazine.