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“I GROOVE TO JAMES BROWN, rock out to the Arctic Monkeys and love the occasional Taylor Swift revenge number.”

Before you dismiss this as just another playlist on Spotify, think again. Researchers have found a correlation between musical tastes and successful romances. Your taste in rock or country music could actually factor into someone’s dating algorithm before they decide to ask you out.

Symbol of Identity

In their book, The Social Psychology of Music, Adrian North and David Hargreaves found that people use music as an identity marker. More significantly, they concluded that people tend to choose music genres that identify with certain ideas or views.

A similar study by Peter Rentfrow and Samuel Gosling of the University of Texas found that people were more inclined towards music that espoused certain values. Those who prefer blues, jazz and folk music tend to be free- spirited while rock music fans may have greater social awareness.

As people are often attracted by shared interests, it is not uncommon for many to find partners who share the same taste in music.

Appeal of Musical Skill

Research also shows that musical abilities make great wingmen. A recent study by researchers at the University of Sussex found that women believed that men with strong musical abilities carried better genes and mating potential.

In the experiment, a group of women listened to four composers and a majority of them were attracted to the composer of the most complex song. Now you know what new skill to pick up if you’re looking for love!

This article was first published on DUET magazine.