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Making a Connection

Social apps are not always about romance. Sometimes, all we want them to do is to connect us with new people. Just fish out your mobile phone, fire up an app, and connect with like-minded individuals or organise a meet-up with new friends in no time.


This app is perfect for couples who want to stay connected. Let your partner know that you are thinking about him or her by tapping on a heart button or source for date ideas just by scrolling through this app. There is also a personalised space where you can share your best snaps from a memorable day.

Available on: Android and iOS, free
Get it: between.us

Broc & Bells

Meeting fellow fitness junkies – and your health goals – is no sweat with Broc & Bells, which matches you up with the perfect gym buddy based on your location, fitness level, age and lifestyle preferences. Bonding with someone new is always easier over heart-pumping activities as they produce endorphins, which trigger positive and warm feelings.

Available as a web app on brocnbells.com


Want to hang out with someone cool after a hard day at the office? This app matches you with people in your vicinity. But don’t worry about privacy! Your location will remain invisible, and the place where you’ve crossed path with someone will not be shown precisely.

Available on: Android and iOS, free
Get it: happn.com


If you love food, and like to link up with other food enthusiasts, then this app is made for you. Use the search filter to find people with interests similar to yours, and then invite them for a meal by sending them a request. Have a free hour that sprang up unexpectedly? Turn on the Last Minute function to find someone who is available within the next 10 minutes for an impromptu meet-up.

Available on: Android and iOS, free
Get it: golunchkaki.com


No more judging a book by its cover – this app brings people together based on their unique quirks. Each user uploads a snippet containing interesting trivia about him or her, which is superimposed on a blurred-out photograph of the person. The photograph is only revealed when an interested party taps on it.

Available on: Android and iOS, free
Get it: loveflutter.com


Forget stilted online chatter, LunchClick is a dating app that hopes to take romance offline. Unlike conventional online dating, users do not engage in small talk via an in-app chat. Rather, they take turns asking questions that touch on interests and aspirations. Singles who express a mutual interest to meet after the “Q&A” can then arrange a date.

Available on: Android and iOS, free
Get it: lunchclick.co


Your favourite indie band is coming to town, but none of your friends share the same taste in music as you. What do you do? Download Tastebuds, which is built for music lovers to find compatible dates. You can even send a song to users before or after they match up with you. Why say anything when you can let a song do the talking?

Available on: iOS, free
Get it: tastebuds.fm