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Meeting New People Is Easy With These T​ips

Work hard and play harder! While you are looking for new ways to make new connections, here are some tips on how you can expand your social circle. Don’t forget to check out some upcoming Spark Connections' events you can sign up for!​

By Sam David

Working hard at the office, finishing a course at school, spending time with family – with everything going on in our lives, it can be tough to maintain a social life and meet new people. A huge part of making new friends requires you to step out of your comfort zone, because you will never know who you will meet, and when you will meet them! Wondering how to do just that? Read on to find out how to expand your social circle and make new friends:


Get involved in a sport or an interest group

Do what you love and you’ll meet people you like. If you are interested in something, say, rock climbing, or have a hobby like sketching, look out for sports or interest groups that will allow you to meet like-minded individuals. There are even online platforms like Facebook Groups such as Rock Climbing Singapore or Urban Sketchers Singapore, where you can find out the latest happenings. So look around, and find something you’d love to be a part of and join as many sessions as you can!


Strike up conversations

Starting a conversation when you’re at an event is easy. But what about the usual day-to-day situations, like when you’re in the office building lift with someone you happen to see every day? Opportunities are everywhere – you just have to be open and take a chance. Perhaps make an observation about the other person, or point out how it’s funny that the two of you keep running into each other in the lift at the same time every day, yet you don’t know each other’s names.


Try volunteering

Giving back to society and meeting new people – now, that’s a great combination. Websites like SG C​ares, Youth Corps and are great one-stop platforms to find volunteering opportunities. Whether you want to play bingo with senior citizens in hospitals or teach participants photography at the YMCA, there are many volunteer opportunities to pick from depending on your skills and interests.  

Ask for introductions

One easy way to meet new people is to ask your friends to introduce you to their friends. This is also ideal because you’d have a mutual connection in the picture and making conversation would be easier as opposed to trying to find common topics with someone you don’t know at all. Better yet, make it a group outing! Round up your best pals and ask your friends’ buddies to join you all.


Plan a party (or attend them)

Parties are the best for making new connections, and you can go about it two ways: either plan a party and invite everyone (including friends of your friends), or see if your friends are attending any gatherings you could go to as well. Just remember: once you’re at these parties, take the chance to open up and connect with others. Sometimes, a simple ‘Hello’ is all it takes!

Ready to meet new people? Consider attending these fun activities and workshops: