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Music Makes the Love Go Round

Music has a way of bringing people together, and maybe that’s the missing key in your love life.

By Chin Wei Lien

When we talk about a language that knows no bounds, one thing instinctively come to mind: music.

Music deals with the emotions of the inner soul. There is a reason why the greatest bands can hold concerts in different countries around the world and still connect with their international fans intimately. Music brings people together like nothing else and can create bonds between complete strangers. If that’s the case, can’t the same be said about music’s impact on love and relationships?

If you’re a music lover, or if you’re looking for a fellow music lover, then Singapore is the perfect city to be in. That’s because all year round, we have music-centric events, large and small, happening all across the island. From uproarious karaoke bars to musicals and outdoor music festivals, there is a huge range of events for you to attend, enjoy and meet someone new at, no matter which genre you are into. Besides, these events are ideal opportunities for you and your date to let loose and have fun, making it easier than ever for relationships to flourish and blossom.

But wait! Before you go in search of events to take your date to, keep in mind that there are some things you need to note in order to make the most out of your concert-dating experience.

1. Know your date

If you are thinking of taking your date to a concert, the most obvious thing you need to do is to find out what kind of music she likes. After all, you wouldn’t bring your grandma to an ear-splitting rock concert if she’s more into Hokkien oldies, would you? With a little due diligence, you can probably get the gist of her music taste after a chat or two.

It may also be helpful to know your way around the internet. Most of us do freely share our music tastes on our social media profiles, while many online dating sites require their users to include the kind of music they listen to. From there, it’s much easier to gauge the kind of music he or she enjoys. If she loves to groove to a good beat, consider inviting her to a bar with a dance floor. If she loves something more highbrow, consider a symphonic concert at the Esplanade.

2. Know yourself

The other side of the equation is to know what you want out of the date. Be honest with what you want and the type of person whose interest will likely complement your own. If you’re not into Justin Bieber, then you’re not into Justin Bieber. Don’t force yourself into going to that concert!

3. Know your moves

If you are in a bar where a live jazz band is playing, stay seated. However, if you are at an outdoor concert of an indie band, then loosen your muscles and dance away! This may be out of your comfort zone, yes, but no one likes to date a stiff wooden pole. If the music calls for a dance, then it’s probably wise to put on your dancing shoes. Even if you’re simply grooving to the music, that shows a level of involvement that your date will certainly appreciate.

This article was first published in DUET magazine.