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Pick up a Hobby - and Make New Friends

Here’s a list of fun workshops, where you can also meet people with similar interests and hobbies.

By April Zara Chua

It’s easy to have a conversation with people who enjoy doing the same activities. Usually conducted in groups, workshops are a great way to make such connections, as well as learn or try something new. Time to put your creativity hat on and impress!

Grow a garden

Miniature gardens and terrariums have been all the rage lately, especially among those who love the idea of having a living, growing garden or ecosystem in a nice-looking glassware. They are a low-maintenance way to bring some green into your home and spruce up your office. Additionally, the process of planting miniature gardens or terrariums can be therapeutic, as it encourages a relaxing, creative and safe environment.

Green Banana marries art and design with nature to create chic and edgy creations, such as egg-shaped and hour-glass shaped terrariums. It offers private and corporate workshops, and also collaborates with like-minded brands to organise public sessions. This is a great opportunity to share and bond over creative ideas!

Check out Green Banana’s Facebook page for upcoming events.

Clay time

Roll up your sleeves and sculpt your way to a new hobby – pottery. You’ll be surprised at how enjoyable clay can be, from sculpting to painting the finishing touches on your ceramic wares.

Center Pottery works with psychologists to create structured curriculums, so that you can reap the therapeutic benefits of pottery – many people find it calming shaping clay, and seeing and feeling it take form and come to life. Center Pottery’s workshops and classes are suitable for and attracts people of all ages and levels of experience, which means you’ll probably get to see new faces all the time!

Check the website for upcoming workshops.

Evoke your senses

Find out all about the natural healing properties of plants and create your own home remedies with The Plant Story’s Home Apothecary Workshop. You’ll be able to see, feel, smell and even taste these natural herbs and concoct your own natural remedy from one of the three available options: Awakening Spray, So Good Vapour Rub and Yummy Body Scrub.

Visit their website to book your session.​