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Where to for dinner, love?

Good things come in pairs. For your next dinner date, match the food with something special to make it more memorable.

Forget about the pick-up lines you find on the Internet. A quick glance will tell you that most people find them a turn-off, to be used only as fodder for jokes when there is a pause in the conversation.

Pair your dinner date with a long drive

Instead, how about a proposition that revolves around food? Trust us, it works! There’s a reason why “Would you like to have a drink with me some time?” and “Let’s have dinner this Friday” have worked so well for many of us. The subject of food conjures up a warm and fuzzy form of intimacy that you don’t get with, say, a movie date.

And just like how one would pair a brownie with vanilla ice cream, you should pair the right food with the right places to make a big impression. Here are a few suggestions to get you started.

Pair your dinner date with...a long drive 

Sometimes, it’s the journey, not the destination. Instead of bringing the date straight to a restaurant, consider  going for a spin in uncharted territories around Singapore. Even better, make it a road trip to Malaysia, so that you guys can make conversation and create memories.

Pair your dinner date with a long drive

Pair your dinner date with... takeaway food and someplace nice

People have come to expect a fancy dinner when it comes to first dates. Imagine his surprise when you suggest a casual bite at a pizza parlour! There isn’t a dating rule that says you have to eat a certain type of food for a certain occasion. If your date is totally up for some greasy junk food – and who isn’t from time to time? – buy some takeaway food and go somewhere intimate, such as the beach or a park. No fuss, no frills, but all memories!

Pair your dinner date with... stand-up comedy

Laughter is the best medicine, especially when the disease is the dreaded Awkward First Date Syndrome. If your date likes to pair her food and drinks with uproarious laughter, then get tickets to a comedy club that also serves food. Do take note of the performers and their pet topics – if your date isn’t particularly fond of crude jokes, for example, the awkwardness might shoot up a couple of notches. So do your research.

Pair your dinner date with... live music

Stand-up comedy may not be everyone’s cup of tea; but music is a good bet. Live music can be the perfect accompaniment to any romantic date. Pick a restaurant with live jazz, soulful blues or any kind of music that makes both of you feel relaxed and chatty at the same time, and you will both notice how cosy you’ve become in no time.

Some suggested spots:

  • Comedy Masala
    This place boasts weekly stand-up comedy shows featuring an international line-up. With quite a few acts taking the stage every night, Comedy Masala is bound to have someone who makes you and your date laugh out loud.

    69 Circular Road
    Tel: 8525 7414

  • Little Island Brewing Co?
  • It doesn’t get any more off the beaten track than Changi Village, where Little Island Brewing Co is located. This microbrewery is worth a visit if only for its cult handcrafted beers and unique bar grub that features, among others, a 15-hour smoked beef brisket.

    6 Changi Village Road, #01-01/02
    Tel: 6543 9100

  • Handlebar
  • This motorcycle-themed restaurant serves hearty American fare and is popular with cyclists – both the motorised and the pedal-powered kind – in the area.

    10 Lock Road, Gillman Barracks
    Tel: 6268 5550

Don’t do that!

It’s a dinner date, not a job interview! Here are a few pointers on what not to do on a dinner date.

  1. Don’t eat with the speed of an industrial-strength vacuum cleaner. This isn’t an eating competition, so slow down, make eye contact and enjoy each other’s company.
  2. Don’t talk about unpalatable topics, such as that time when you had bad curry chicken and had the runs for two days in a row – too much information! ?
  3. Don’t talk down to the waiting staff. Even if you treat your date like a princess, how you treat others says a lot about you as a person.
  4. Don’t turn the conversation into a monologue. Instead, ask your date questions about herself. This is the perfect time to get to know each other better.