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Easy ways to make your dating profile stand out                                

With only seconds to impress someone before the next swipe on online platform, create a profile that speaks for itself. Here's how to hold the other person's attention and generate a spark.

By Preeti Parashar


Be sure what you're looking for
Know yourself and your intentions before creating a dating profile. Be sure whether you are looking for a serious relationship or just want tomake new friends. Ms Violet Lim, CEO and co-founder of Lunch Actually, a Singapore-based dating agency, believes being clear about your expectations and intentions is the first step in crafting your dating profile aligned with your vision.  

Once you know what you want, start building your profile. Mr Alex Tam, Founder of the match-making agency GaiGai, says, "You want to come across as an interesting person who has stories to share. Make your bio reveal appropriate information for the other party to strike a conversation easily. Keep it something like, "I have been on eight different hiking trails in Singapore. Let me know if you have any to share." 



Your introduction is your USP
Mr Tam suggests you should be specific while describing yourself. Make it interesting and quirky such as "A relaxing time to me means curling up with a romantic book", a one-liner like "Ask me anything on Game of Thrones", "An amateur chef looking for someone brave enough to try my cooking",  "A nature and outdoor sports lover”, or “I’d like to take you for an adventure of your lifetime.” You can add a question to your bio such as “What should I see in Brazil when I am there this fall. Any tips?” 

Stay away from overly explicit and pushy lines which state clearly that you are looking for a future spouse or soul mate to spend the rest of your life with. "It may come across as too direct and takes the excitement out of dating,” opines Mr Tam. 

Your profile should have three elements: things you want people to know about you, what you wish to find in them and the components you hope to find together. Says Ms Lim, "Keep your profile short yet sweet, so you appear more sincere.” A good introduction would be: "Hi, I'm Richard. I'm an avid traveller looking for a kind-hearted woman to explore the world together."


Flaunt your best photograph
Pick photos where you're smiling and looking into the camera. Ms Lim says that people tend to like pictures showing your face clearly (no blurry photos, group pictures or sunglasses, please) or the ones that portray your interest and passion (like one of you hiking). 

Mr Tam agrees, "I would recommend uploading at least three photos - one close up, a full-length to show your build and an interesting picture that can be used by others as a conversation starter. Photos taken on a vacation or nature landscapes appeal better.” Stay as real as possible since you are likely to meet the person face to face if the match goes well. 

Strike a chord with your first message 
To make a positive impression, shun the usual style of greeting as "Hi" or "How are you?" or corny pick-up lines. Our experts Mr Tam and Ms Lim affirm that starting with a compliment about something you observed in their bio/photo can help you connect instantly. To help you connect over common grounds early, try using lines such as "Hey, the café looks familiar, is it the one at the Rail Mall?”, "Hi, you look dashing in that black silk shirt" or "Hi, I have a ginger cat too. Her name is Luna." Be sure to include an open-ended liner such as "Share with me", "Tell me more" or "How did it happen?" to get the other person talking.   

Our experts share some quick tips to make a rockstar profile. Add personal interests and passion and include at least one unique, fun fact about yourself in your bio. Adding some humour to your introduction makes it attractive. Overall, what works is keeping it fun and being sincere in whatever you share. 

With online dating here to stay, a sharp profile holds the key to attracting the right match. Got a favourite picture you clicked on a vacation or the one showing an activity of your liking? It’s time to create your dating profile!