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5 Signs that Someone is into You

How to tell if your eye candy is eyeing you up — or the candy bar behind you

Courtship rituals might seem like hocus pocus claptrap thought up by dating coaches. Yet science has shown evidence to the contrary. Research indicates that we exhibit these five basic patterns when we meet a potential romantic partner. So if you are desperately trying to figure out if someone thinks of you as more than a friend, here is your chance.

  1. Flirting

The first stage of the courtship process is flirting — the human equivalent of a peacock displaying its tail feathers. Research shows that basic flirting is an instinctive behaviour that occurs when a person is attracted to someone.

So, how do you tell if someone is flirting with you? Women tend to flirt with their eyes and heads. Conversely, men exaggerate their height and thrust out their chests. A clear sign of interest between both sexes is the copulatory gaze, which usually lasts for two to three seconds at a time. Other behavioural traits include smiling, fidgeting and over-emphasised movements.

  1. Recognition

This is where an interested party engages in deep eye contact and physical proximity, which indicates interest. A study by the University of California, Berkeley revealed that postural expansiveness, or outstretched limbs and torsos, convey a person’s willingness to share their space with a love interest. So the next time you notice a potential partner cosying up to you, it could be that they have feelings for you too!

  1. Grooming Talk

The grooming talk — usually social banter — is a critical courtship stage and is used to mine for information about a love interest. These talks tend to be dealbreakers as they reveal a great deal about a person, such as their background and interests.

Don’t mistake all conversations for grooming talks, though! There are a few ways to determine if a talk is more than the average tête-à-tête. The interested party’s voice usually becomes higher, softer and more melodic, with many raising their vocal register by nearly an entire octave.

  1. Touch

Ever experienced fireworks going off in your stomach when a certain someone brushes past you? Chances are that he or she might be interested in you, too. The fourth stage of courtship involves a series of non-verbal cues related to the way we touch.

Actions such as leaning forward, resting an arm near yours or moving their feet closer to you are all common cues of interest. At some point, the person might even gather enough courage to touch you in a socially acceptable way. This could be in the form of a quick hand squeeze or a light touch on the arm.

  1. Body Synchrony

Have you noticed how those closest to you can predict your next relationship before it even happens? No, they are not telepathic — just observant. Attracted individuals tend to synchronise their movements subconsciously after some time.

Often, the pair remains unaware of this but it is clear and obvious to observers. One of the most obvious actions is lifting your drinks at the same time. The next time you meet a special someone for cocktails, keep a lookout for possible mirrored actions. Who knows? You just might make a delightful discovery!  

This article was first published on DUET magazine.