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 Fun online events take meeting new people up a notch                              


From treasure hunts to cocktail parties, online events are getting increasingly creative and fun. Their success is all down to smart planning and careful curation behind the scenes.

By Melissa Anne Tan


Dating agencies have devised many innovative ways to help singles meet others during COVID-19. They’ve embraced online opportunities, offering everything from consultations and Zoom workshops to live online event sessions. 




There are some real benefits attached to meeting new people online. You can take time to go deeper with the other person and form a genuine connection, before meeting in person. Never before has the quality of conversation been more important, and people actually get to improve their conversational skills.


Why meet people online?

  • Convenience 

All you need is a computer and you’re good to go. Log in quickly and save travel time.  


  • Comfort 

Joining an online event is easy! Being in the comfort of your home, conversations flow smoothly. 


  • Exciting environment 

You can tell a lot about a person by the background of the room they are in - even if they use a virtual background, you can still get a sense of the person’s character and preferences. 


  • Self-awareness

Being in front of the screen also means you can see how you look and will therefore be more conscious about the way you present yourself, whether it’s your facial expression or your body posture.


  • You feel less nervous

Most importantly, it’s true for the shy ones who dread meeting a stranger for the first time, going online helps. There’s a sense of comfort knowing the other person can’t really see just how nervous you are.


What are online events all about?


Organising online events is not as easy as it seems - it’s serious business! Dating agencies rely on previous customer feedback and user surveys to help shape a successful online event. After brainstorming a new concept, they might test out their new idea on a small group first to iron out any issues, before opening it up to the public.


The events are regularly updated and listed on the Spark Connections website. Participants who sign up will receive a confirmation email with instructions for joining the event, e.g. a Zoom link, and be 

advised to log in 10 minutes prior to the start of the event to ensure their audio and video work.

For those concerned about what to do, not to worry! The dating agencies will get you ready by providing some tips prior to the event. 

During the event itself, the organiser will facilitate the introductions and meetings for all those taking part. All nerves will be put on relax mode after the icebreakers, and the ultimate goal is for everyone to have a fun time while meeting new friends. 





Participants are encouraged to be themselves and have a good time. After all, that’s the reason why these events are planned — to meet new people. Who knows? You may meet someone who could be a really good friend, or even find a compatible partner in the process. And at the end of the event, it is up to you on whether you wish to continue making connections, or not.


Up for meeting someone new?
Eligible individuals who sign up for Spark Connections will get to enjoy $100 worth of credits to offset up to 50% of the event fee, subject to terms and conditions. Check out these upcoming events now!

  • Online Escape Room Game - by Love Express
    When: 11 Oct
    Challenge your mind together with new people as you uncover clues to escape the room
  • Capture his attention – Insights to a man’s thought process (Webinar for ladies) - by Fabrique Love
    When: 23 Oct
    Navigate through the complex mind of a guy, plus learn how to make a good impression with a dating consultant and coach.
  • Home Sweet Home – Treasure Hunt by CompleteMe
     When: 24 Oct 
    A fun treasure hunt while making new friends.
  • Let’s GaiGai in Taiwan - By GaiGai
    When: 29 Oct
    Take a virtual tour of Taipei, Taiwan’s capital city, and its famous night markets with other travel-loving mates.
  • Cook, Eat, Love! - By Dating Moment
    When: 31 Oct
    Have a hearty time making lunch while conversing with others who share similar tastes as you.