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How to look your best on online dates

First impressions count, even on online dates. So, how do you best present yourself to build a lasting connection? Here are some styling tips to help boost your chances online.

By Preeti Parashar


Start afresh
Get comfortable while chatting, but not too comfortable. Make an effort to look fresh and groomed. Dress in clothes that make you feel confident. Keep those sloppy old pyjamas or shorts away. A well-ironed shirt and matching pants can do the trick for boys. And girls –light make-up, a nice dress and simple jewellery work well. Choose from solid or neutral colours such as shades of blue, pink, white or black. 

Accentuate your best feature
Flaunt those twinkling eyes, your chiselled jaw bone or full lips which clearly bring out your face’s features. Highlight them with make-up. Keep the camera at eye level and try to set a pleasant, uncluttered background.  

Positive body language
Keep your bright smile on and maintain regular eye contact. Avoid reflecting lazy expressions. A confident upright posture and open gestures show that you are listening actively. Avoid tightly crossing your arms or resting your face on your palms as you get too comfortable during the conversation. Leaning way back or forward in your chair sends out a signal that you are uninterested in the talk. Distractions such as checking your mobile phone or looking out of a window can put off the other person. Focus is key! 


Create the mood for love
Gear up to engage all five senses. For example, during a wine-tasting session or a special dinner, light a scented candle to spruce up the ambiance, wear a nice perfume or aftershave to help build up the mood. Keep the room temperature controlled, play soft music and make the interior lighting warmer by turning on side lamps or wall lights rather than glaring overhead bulbs.  

Talk energetically
 “When I come back home, I love to sit on my balcony, sip coffee and watch the world go by.” If you like doing something, tell your story in an interesting and creative way. Keep the tone energetic. Remember, the other person mirrors your response. Negative topics such as complaining about work or past experiences – all should be dropped. It’s good to be mindful and keep your conversation positive.  


Be confident
Prepare yourself for the date by feeling positive and starting your day right. Make time to do things that you like such as go for a walk, stretch out in a yoga session, make a cup of your favourite drink or meditate. Wearing your favourite scent can boost your confidence and self-esteem. Start by making meaningful small talk and asking the right questions to build connections, such as, “What were your comfort foods when you were growing up?” 

Be an active listener
 If you find something vapid, don’t discard it immediately. Let the person finish then you can ask, “What else interests you?” or say, “I’m not very savvy about this topic, but my interest lies in psychology and sports. Have you ever read books related to psychology?” You can swiftly divert the topic towards another interesting direction. It’s perfectly acceptable to have contrasting interests and this doesn’t mean you are incompatible. In fact, opposites often really do attract!