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How to find love during s​​ocial distancing

Wondering how to find love while being socially distant? The best route to meet your Mr or Ms Right amidst the pandemic is by sharing your charm virtually. Here are some tips and strategies that will help you make way for cupid to strike you online.

By Preeti Parashar




So, how can you expand your social circle during these challenging times for heart-to-heart talks? We bring to you some useful platforms to support your quest for that special someone.


Expand your horizon with virtual dating platforms

Embracing technology can fast-track your pursuit for joy. Searching love on dating apps can be swift. Dating agencies have also moved online to set up virtual dates. With the help of Zoom, Skype and EventBrite, these agencies can offer digital meeting spaces and host virtual events. Join a free online yoga session, learn how to start your own business through a webinar or participate in a book discussion – there’s a lot to choose from out there. You can even perfect those Salsa dance moves by practicing online with each other!


What’s in it for you?

Virtual dating has some unexpected benefit. For a start, it saves you the time and effort travelling out to a date. It’s quick and easy to log on. Flaunt your creativity by hosting themed dates. It’s a good way to break the ice and create a rapport, as a build-up to a real date once social distancing measures are lifted.

There are many things you can do on a virtual date. Go on an exploratory virtual museum trip to the National Gallery Singapore or the Singapore Philatelic Museum – share and talk about what catches your eye as you explore together. To add more excitement, you can even play online games like Trivia and Ludo King, host virtual dinner/lunch/drink sessions or sing along to your favourite pop stars during an online concert.


Cheerful conversation is the key

Keep any jitters away by discussing common topics of interest. Prior to the virtual date, make an effort to read their profiles and find out more about their hobbies, pets and top picks in food and music. Don’t be too quick to judge the other, be open rather, in considering someone you might not find attractive on the first go. Give someone you are chatting with a second chance if he/she is slow to warm up or reply.

Avoid talking about your work in endless detail, unless they show genuine interest in it. Don’t forget to wear your broadest smile and be in your happiest mood. Not only is your smile a reflection of your confidence, it also sends a positive vibe that makes the person you are talking to comfortable.


Dress to impress

No matter how comfortable you feel in them, keep your cosy pyjamas or shorts away. Impressing someone needs efforts, so come on guys, don’t be lazy, put on an ironed shirt

and leave that old crumpled t-shirt in the drawer. Style your hair and look smart, just as how you would on a physical date. Girls can adorn simple and pastel coloured dresses or tops with a pair of trousers/jeans, avoiding gaudy outfits. Put on light make-up and matching accessories to style it up. Keep your body language open and positive to show them you are interested in having this conversation.


First impressions count

Introducing yourself in a positive spirit only kicks off what can be a great date or a relationship. An attractive image can make all the difference to help spark interest. Enhance your appearance by using a well-illuminated and pleasant background, either pre-set or downloaded. Be sure of keeping your camera angle at eye level so you look your best. Try practicing with a friend or family member to get this right before your virtual date.

To take the pressure off, start slowly at first and treat the experience as making friends, then gradually build on the relationship with further online dates.