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 Men, here’s how to level up your grooming game                                

Well-groomed men are more likely to attract positive attention from others. So, make that perfect first impression by adopting some easy grooming habits before your date night.

 By Preeti Parashar



What can you do to dress right when you meet your date in person? The key is to be detail-oriented, and here are five simple tips you can follow.




 1. Look sharp with three S’s - shower, shave, suit

It’s simple yet important! Just taking a shower before you step out for your date can refresh you and set your mood right. Use a fragrant body gel to keep the freshness alive throughout the evening. Shampoo your hair to make them look lustrous and shave the extra bit of hair on your body. Be careful not to look exuberantly manscaped though.  


Violet Lim, CEO & cofounder of Lunch Actually shares, “I believe the first secret to looking fresh is keeping your hair tidy and your facial hair neat. If you have the caveman look or the looks of somebody who has been sitting on his couch all day for the past week, chances are your partner won’t be impressed with you.”  


Dress up well - Ensure that your clothes portray who you are and bring out your personality truthfully. “Women actually notice when the shirt you're wearing is too long or too short, especially on the length of the arm. Same thing goes with your pants - if your pants are too long, then you risk looking sloppy or lazy. If it's too short, it also won't look nice, unless it's meant to be short (ankle-length pants),” adds Ms Lim. She further advises that you choose clothes that fit your body well, and avoid wearing crumpled shirts/pants to not form a negative impression on your date.


Quick tip: Try a slightly formal combination such as a blazer on top of a shirt with jeans and match your outfit with a nice pair of shiny and chic dress shoes or suede boots. Even a button-up polo with jeans and smart sneakers make a good combo for a casual dinner date. 



2. Smell pleasant to please 

You don’t want to start the date off with the wrong foot by smelling unpleasant! If she compliments you for the way you smell, it means you have her attention already. To take control of the body odour, choose a musky or exquisite scent which will stay effective all through the date. “Make sure to always wear cologne. Women love it and a good cologne can make you feel more attractive and confident, which helps you appear more appealing to those around you,” says Ms Lim. 


However, be cautious of using too many strong fragrances at the same time. 


Amidst all this, make sure to check if you have a bad breath, as it can definitely be a spoiler. A mint simply won’t do. Brushing, flossing, using mouthwash and a tongue scraper can help keep your mouth stink away. Also, consider visiting your dentist a few days before your date to make sure your teeth are in good shape. 



3. Let your hair spill magic

A good hairstyle makes you more buoyant and can leave the other person spellbound. Make an appointment, two-three days in advance, with your go-to-barber who knows what style would enhance your look. Give time for your hair to settle down so you don’t feel awkward or conscious in front of the girl. On your date night, use some hair clay/wax to style your hair and look appealing. 




4. Bring out the shine in your face

Ms Lim shares that nowadays, it's more common for men to take care of their skin and groom themselves. “You will also notice many men YouTubers reviewing beauty products now. Another trend we see is of men grooming their eyebrows so they look neat. More and more men are also starting to use beauty masks. If you have acne scars, you can also visit an aesthetic doctor to lighten it,” shares Ms Lim.


Quick tip: To get a glowing skin, start using a face cleanser, which suits your skin. Take care of your skin by starting a basic skin care regimen. 




5. Charm them with charismatic manners

Ever thought which attributes in men are highly favoured by women? You don’t have to go far - a genuine sparkling smile and good sense of humour top the charts. Be a gentleman as courteousness goes a long way in swaying your girl. Research reveals that females consider mannerism essential for a date to go well. They would like you to hold the door open, make them laugh or simply charm them with your wide smile. Start practising beforehand so you get it right on your date night. 


Go the extra mile for self-grooming: 

Many brands have launched self-care products such as skin care and skin enhancer and even makeup such as foundation and concealer dedicated to men. You can try these: 


Grooming subscription boxes – get your new self-care products every month delivered at your doorstep. 


Must-have products – Add on skincare products to your bathroom, such as sunscreen, cleanser, toner, moisturiser with SPF, a hand lotion, eye cream and a lip balm.


Grooming kit - Include facial hair scissors, a mini tweezer, finger-nail clippers, nail cleaner and file.

On/before date night, avoid:

* Over searching your date on google because you don’t want to be that creepy guy who knows


Spraying on too much cologne 

* Wearing a baggy, loose T-shirts, shorts, slippers, and any other casual outfit

* Using excessive hair gel or hair pomade

* Exfoliating your skin the same day so you don’t get rashes 


The popular myth that a rough and rugged male is a real man stands busted in today’s times. Grooming goes a long way not only in keeping up your hygiene levels but helping you remain a notch above in the dating game.