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Fit for Love

You are both fitness buffs and sitting in a restaurant is not what you consider a fun date. Here are some sporty activities to do together instead.

By Lin Peishan

Rock Climbing

If you’re feeling bored with your usual fitness routine, try signing up for rock climbing with your date. There is never a predictable session with this sport – rock climbing gives you a full-body workout without you having to think about it, and it requires your focus and problem-solving skills as you scale your way up the walls. You and your partner will also build trust as you take turns to belay each other. Placing your safety in your partner’s hands as they watch, advise and encourage you, and vice versa, strengthens the teamwork and faith you have in each other.

Try: Climb Central Singapore

Rock-climb and boulder to your heart’s content at Climb Central, Singapore’s tallest indoor air-conditioned climbing gym. Guided sessions are available if you need tips, and all equipment, including climbing shoes, is provided at a small fee.

Address: 1 Stadium Place, #B1-01 Kallang Wave Mall


If you are competitive types, then kickboxing might be more up your alley. Kickboxing is an umbrella term for a number of styles, such as Muay Thai and Savate, and trains your cardio, agility and balance. Expect highly intensive conditioning to build leg and arm power and core strength. Set personal goals together – whether it’s focusing on cardiovascular health, muscle toning or combat – and of course, challenge each other in training and matches.

Try: Evolve MMA

Learn from world-class instructors at Evolve MMA , which offers unlimited lessons per week at every level from beginner to competitive. Kickboxing gear can be purchased at the academies.

Address: 26 China Street, #01-01 Far East Square, and other locations


Looking for a full-body workout in a more calm environment? Yoga helps you strengthen and tone your muscles and build core strength and flexibility, while clearing your mind with meditation techniques. You and your partner can set goals together and challenge yourselves. As it is a non-competitive activity, yoga is a great choice for couples who simply wish to spend time in each other’s presence and share a fitness journey.

Try: Yoga Lab

Mix and match lessons and sign up for workshops at Yoga Lab to find what suits you both best. Never done yoga before and worried you can’t keep up? Fret not, as fresh beginners can sign up for classes as well. Mats are provided and towels can be rented.

Address: 10 North Canal Road, Level 2, and other locations


Take a break from the bustle of the city and spend time in nature with your partner. You can relieve stress, build happy memories and even discover new and tranquil locations together. Of course, kayaking also offers a great aerobic workout, as well as upper body and leg conditioning. If you are hungry for adventure, be sure to purchase your own kayaks and paddles to plan your own routes and explore more places in and around Singapore.

Try: kayakasia

If exploring the truly rugged parts of Singapore is the main draw of kayaking for you, then try kayakasia ’s thoughtfully designed tours to the lesser-known corners of the island. These trips are fully guided, so fear not about safety or getting lost! Get close to nature by venturing out to the untouched Mandai Mangrove – and see how much of its rich wildlife you and your date can spot along the way. Or, challenge yourselves on the open seas as you kayak towards one of Singapore’s smaller islands, such as St John’s Island.



For a less structured, free and easy fitness date, set off on a hiking trail with your partner. You’ll still get a workout, whether you choose an easy route or head off the beaten path, while appreciating nature and bonding with your date. Remember to wear comfortable shoes and bring fluids to stay hydrated on long hikes.

Try: Kranji Marshes

Singapore has no shortage of green trails to unearth, but to charm your date with a far less explored and unique hiking experience, head to Kranji Marshes, a 57ha freshwater marshland that boasts remarkable biodiversity. Much of the flora and fauna here have been left untouched. Besides the freshwater marshes, explore the park’s woodland and grass habitats and discover their curious inhabitants, including birds such as the purple swamphen and the common moorhen. Cap your day at the top of Raptor Tower for a sweeping view of the entire park and Kranji Reservoir, or head to the floating boardwalk at Reed Crossing for that romantic Instagram shot.

Address: 11 Neo Tiew Lane 2