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Geeks, Assemble!

You’re a self-professed fantasy nut who has met your Princess Leia. Here are some fun date ideas where you can bond over shared interests!

 By Lin Peishan

Duel with Lightsabers

The fate of the galaxy is in your hands! Gather your partner and your friends for a thrilling space war against one another, complete with – yes – lightsabers. Saber Tag Singapore organises exciting games of teamwork and strategy, where you get to role play as the iconic neon-sword-wielding knights from Star Wars and duel one another to prove who the true Jedi master is. It’s great bonding time as you work together to outsmart your opposing team. May the Force be with you all.

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Play Board Games

Are you both enthusiasts of strategy board games like Risk and Catan? Then head to a board game café for an exciting date where you challenge each other – why not bring some friends or arrange a double date for more fun! Settlers Café stocks an extensive collection of board games for your pleasure, from staples like Carcassonne and Kahuna to eccentric options like the deception-driven indie, Coup. Try cooperative strategy games like Pandemic or the original fantasy role-playing game, Dungeons & Dragons. Coupled with dining packages and a cosy interior, Settlers Café will surely keep you and your date engrossed for hours.

Address: 39 North Canal Road

Go Superhero Mode

Marvel Studios marks a decade of blockbusters this year – and what better way to celebrate than geeking out together over your favourite superheroes? Relive the best of the Marvel Cinematic Universe at the Marvel Studios: Ten Years of Heroes exhibition at ArtScience Museum, where you and your partner can challenge Baby Groot to a dance-off, bend reality with Doctor Strange and see life-size replicas of all the Iron Man suits. It’s not all fantasy though – you can explore fascinating nuggets of actual scientific and cultural knowledge behind the superhero stories. Discover which real chemical elements parallel the one invented by Iron Man, learn about the inspirations behind Wakanda and the Infinity Stones – and more. A date at the ArtScience Museum promises hours of fanboying over your favourite heroes while learning together.

Marvel Studios: Ten Years of Heroes will be at the ArtScience Museum until 30 September 2018.

Fight Resident Evil Zombies

There’s no need to wish your video games were your reality anymore, because Xcape Singapore brings video-game and movie scenarios to life – with you as the protagonist!  Xcape Singapore’s immersive, realistic escape rooms and carefully crafted mystery plots are inspired by horror and thriller flicks like Annabelle and Resident Evil. Work with your partner and exercise your combined investigative skills to escape before your time runs out. Some of the more exciting games require larger groups, so invite your pals along for more thrills!

Address: Bugis Village, 160A Rochor Road

Dine like you’re at Hogwarts

Potterheads rejoice! Platfo​rm 1094 provides you a retreat from the dreary bustle of Muggle life and into your favourite fantasy universe. Wood panelling, quaint chandeliers and thick, dripping tabletop candles create a cosy, yet fantastical ambience, while magic wands and pointy hats are provided for your use, to put the icing on the enchanting cake. Hearty Western dishes like the aptly named Giant’s Breakfast abound, while the café’s artisan confections and “potions” all have fantasy-inspired names, from Arendelle, a mélange of sweet desserts, to alcoholic concoctions like Truth Venom and Amnesia Blend. The standout beverage is the house cocktail, Mr Lich’s Flaming Brew (pictured) – your very own “Goblet of Fire”. This quirky café is the perfect place to show off those Hogwarts uniforms you’ve both got stashed, house ties and all.

Address: 1094 Serangoon Road