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Real Life Couples

Meet some real life couples and be inspired by how they met their special someone an​d made their relationships work!


Passion for action - and each other

Two couples share how their love for keeping active keeps their romance alive.


Couples who kept the romance alive

We asked two couples how they maintained their relationships despite being unable to meet, and how it made them stronger as a couple.


Thoughts after one year and 10 years of being married

This is what three couples have to say after their first year and tent​​h year of marriage.


The Magic of New Beginnings

One couple shares how being open and seizing the opportunity blossomed into love.


“Our Families Set Us Up!”

WThis couple shows us that love can blossom anywhere and anytime if you give it a chance, even if your family is involved from the very beginning…!


Balancing Career, Life, and Love

Two couples show us that it’s possible to have it all. Find out how they juggle their career and life, and still make time for their significant other.


Take That First Step!

For these two couples, stepping out of their comfort zones led to the start of something wonderful.


Stronger Together

An interracial couple shares their story of acceptance and overcoming tough times.


Mixing Love and Business

What’s it really like working together with your other half? We chat with the founders of Picneeds to find out.


For the Love of Volunteering

Hanaffia and Safiah met through volunteering. Now married and with one child on the way, the couple talks about how their mutual passion for giving back led to a life together.


4 Couples Share Their Funniest Stories

Laughter binds a couple and every good relationship has its share of hilarious moments to reminisce over down Memory Lane.


Relationship Tests

It’s natural for couples to have ups and downs in their relationship. What’s important is overcoming the hurdles together. We speak to five couples who did just that, and passed their relationship tests with flying colours.


Breaking Deal Breakers

Two couples share how they made exceptions to their relationship ‘deal breakers’.


“I Realised I Was In Love When…”

Four couples share their first instances of romance.


Young Love

Two couples share how marrying young gave them a head start in life.


Do Opposites Attract?

Two couples share how being different makes them stronger.


Meet-cutes: Do They Happen in Real Life?

It may be a common romantic comedy trope, but for these three couples, life indeed imitates art.


Is Love at First Sight Real?

Is love at first sight real or is it just something that happens in movies? We ask two couples to weigh in on the matter – and received surprisingly candid answers!


From Friends to Lovers

Two couples share how being friends first has helped to shape the foundation of their romantic relationships.


Age is just a number

They say good things come to those who wait – two couples share their stories.


Level Up: From online gaming buddies to life partners

A couple talks about how their shared interest fuelled a lasting relationship.


Instaclick: Connecting through social media

A couple proves that social media is a good channel to meet someone special.


Hoe Mei Chen and Lye Ming Chye

For couple Hoe Mei Chen and Lye Ming Chye, their first date was nice but not particularly impressive.


Ng Ngai Hung and Julia Cheot

Before love can be felt, a search has to be initiated. In 2011, that was exactly what Julia and Yi Heng did.


Ng Hong Whee and Jenny Tan

It was love at first bite for Hong Whee, 44 and Jenny, 37, who met at an arranged dinner. But they say that many other ingredients go into creating the perfect recipe for love.

Opposites Attract

For Steven and Shu Hui, their marriage bliss started with a proposal in a bed-room


Just like in the Movies

For Sally Wong and Lee Man Hang, their happily-ever-after started at the movies


Two Peas in a Pod

The love story of Leonard and Kailing is, in many ways, similar to the numerous ones we've seen in popular culture. From the moment they met, there was an instant attraction to each other!


All It Took Was A Movie

Lydia Chong and Michael Soh tell DUET about the sunnier side of their relationship.


You had me at 'hello'

Newlyweds Teo Soo Kng and Michelle Phua met through iChat - and their connection developed into more than just words.


Love On Wheels

A mutual desire to learn rollerblading led to romance for Joanne Ng and Lim Chiew Seng.


Growing In Love

Anthony Oh's caring nature and patience convinced Brenda Tan that he was the man she should marry.


Love In A Heartbeat

Taking a romantic leap of faith, Edward Hoi and Loh Poh Cheng have decided not to let physical distance nor the length of their relationship get in the way of building a life together.


Love Comes Naturally

Finding love in a dating challenge may seem contrived but Jackie Goh and Mint Leong share that it has come very naturally to them.


Love Is Beautiful

For down-to-earth newlyweds Ding Ying Yian and Seah Wei Chuan, love lies in the little things.


Meet Me Halfway

Sharing a life together has taught Tan Chin Yi and Teo Swee Lee the importance of communication and compromise.


Ditch That Love Checklist

It helps to keep an open mind and give love a chance to bloom. Just ask Fan Tang Meng and Joanna Fan who attest that love can grow with time.


A Gokon Fairytale

Accompanying friends to the inaugural ‘Let’s Gokon!’ event organised by SDN paid off royally for Stanley Lim and Melissa Yeong. The newlyweds shared how they found true love, Gokon style.