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4 Couples Share Their Funniest Stories

Laughter binds a couple and every good relationship has its share of hilarious moments to reminisce over down Memory Lane.

By April Zara Chua

Ever had an experience with your significant other that was just so silly and absurd that it cracks the both of you up when you recall it? Here are some couples sharing their funny moments.

1. Same but different

“Robin and I enjoy going to the movies together. Last year, we caught Avengers: Infinity War. I was confused when the statement ‘Thanos will return’ flashed on the screen. I turned to my husband and asked him who Thanos was, to which he replied, in utter disbelief, “Have you been watching the movie?” After seeing how genuinely confused I was, he explained that Thanos was the bad guy, which solved the problem because I thought his name was ‘Thamus’. I could see he was revelling in my predicament because he couldn’t stop laughing and teased me endlessly that he was going to tell the whole world about it.

Fast forward to when we caught Crazy Rich Asians. After the movie, I told him I found Peik Lin (the female protagonist’s best friend) very funny. This time, it was his turn to be confused because he asked who Peik Lin was. I thought this was an opportunity to get back at him, so I replied, “Are you kidding me? Did you even watch the movie?” To think that he laughed at me for my Thanos incident! This time, it was my turn to tease him about telling the whole world! To this day, we still laugh over this.” – Geraldine Chan, 30, recalling a comic moment with husband Robin Lim, 30

2. Hidden talent

“My husband Felix likes to spontaneously break into a dance when he’s really feeling a song – whether it’s hip hop, K-pop, techno or R&B. It’s like a guilty pleasure and nobody has seen this side of him except me and his best mate. It’s always funny when he does it because he gets really serious about it and gives it his all, no matter how silly the dance or song is.

Once, before we were married, we were watching TV in his room and the door was wide open. A hip hop song came on and he started dancing and even twerking to it. At that time, we didn’t know his mother was home and she happened to walk past his room and saw everything. She pretended not to see him but he freaked out so badly that he hid in a corner of his room. A few moments later, he turned to me with a face of absolute horror and whispered, “Is she gone?” I couldn’t answer him because I was roaring with laughter. It was even more hilarious because he couldn’t look his mother in the eye the rest of the day out of sheer embarrassment!” – Charis Chenxu, 31, recounting a funny incident with husband Felix Chiang, 31

3. On bended knee

“I had been planning to propose to Jenyce during our holiday in Amsterdam back in October 2017, and I thought our visit to the Paard van Marken lighthouse would be a good opportunity as it was quite secluded. When we arrived, there was no one else around. I knew right then that this would be the place.

After exploring and taking photos of each other, I told her we should take some photos together. We placed our cameras on a nearby table and I secretly turned on the video recording function on my camera. Then I stood in position. It was nerve wracking waiting for her to set her camera timer as I obsessively fidgeted with the engagement ring in my pocket. As soon as she started walking over to stand next to me, I got down on one knee and proposed. She was so shocked she ran away (out of frame) for a couple of minutes, which to me, felt like a lifetime!

When she finally came back, she flooded me with questions, like “Why do you want to marry me?” and “How sure are you that I’m the one?” before she finally said “I do”. We love that we have a photo and a video capturing this moment. My wife and I always look back and laugh about our memorable proposal.” – Ray Lim, 36, on his unforgettable proposal to wife Jenyce Lim, 31

4. Move in Madness

“As proud new homeowners, we were really excited to move into our new place after the renovations were completed. My wife Teresa was concerned that our new pad wouldn’t be able to hold all our stuff combined so she told me to bring “only the essentials” and reminded me to prioritise what to pack. I followed her instructions to a tee, leaving a lot of my stuff at my old place and packing only seven boxes.

I was under the impression that Teresa would be more disciplined and efficient. But she had packed her entire room and wanted to bring all her stuff over. She had 19 boxes! Imagine my shock when I saw all of it! She admitted she just couldn’t let go and everything had sentimental value to her.

Eventually, she applied the KonMari (thanks, Marie Kondo!) method to clear her stuff as we were unpacking. It was such a funny experience – we always laugh about it when we recall the looks on our faces the moment we saw each other’s boxes and when we sifted through all her stuff while unpacking. This is definitely one for the books!” – Mervin Ang, 32, thinking back on moving day with wife Teresa Ong, 31