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Gian Yong Yee and Yeo Tze Kee

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For Gian Yong Yee, 32, it was love at first sight.

“I sensed a connection from the very first moment we met,” he says. The couple who first met in February 2015 were introduced at local dating agency CompleteMe’s Dating Fest Finale Party. And while many of us might jump to the conclusion that the rest is history, the road to their relationship was a little more protracted.
Yeo Tze Kee, 26, is a person with great attention to detail. Unlike Yong Yee, it took a while for her to warm up to him and consider the possibility of a relationship. “To me, it’s important to get to know and understand a person before progressing into a relationship,” says Tze Kee. Yong Yee’s winning display of commitment, selflessness and patience eventually won her over.
Elevator Love Letter
The couple’s first interaction was at the Dating Fest Finale Party, where they were assigned to the same table. No stranger to dating events, Yong Yee initiated a conversation with Tze Kee who was new to the scene. After the event, they bumped into each other again in the elevator. Much like a sequence out of a romantic comedy, Yong Yee offered to share a cab with Tze Kee since it was getting late. This act of bravery and concern set the stage for their romance, with Tze Kee agreeing to a date while on the way home. “He suggested that we meet after work. I was surprised that he remembered that I work on weekends,” she quips.
Yong Yee adds that the immediate spark he felt motivated him to jump at the opportunity. “Since she agreed to share a cab, I thought that I would pluck up the courage to ask her out and see how it progressed from there.”
Little over a month later, both decided to embark on a relationship. And they have not looked back. The professed foodies attribute the success of their relationship to patience, compromise and a passionate shared love for food trails.
“We keep things interesting by looking for new places to eat. Our favourite dish is ice cream and we recently tried Baked Alaska, which we absolutely love!”
Patience, Lovebug
The now-engaged couple say that marriage was not instantly on the cards. Much like the cautious person that she is, Tze Kee only entertained the thought after observing Yong Yee’s character towards her and her parents. Attesting to his winsome personality, she says that he was deeply committed to their relationship and consistently made an effort to understand her and treat her family well. “ I knew after six months that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him,” she adds.
Meanwhile, Yong Yee says that time spent together reaffirmed his earlier belief that they were the perfect match and that he was staring at his life partner. Both admit that each relationship comes with its own set of challenges.
They say, that for their relationship, patience is key to finding love. They stress that love might not always blossom at the very first dating event you attend or at first glance. “It might not be easy to find a potential match after one or two dating events but don’t give up; keep trying. It took me a long time but I finally found my perfect match,” Yong Yee says, bashfully.
“Give yourself some time — maybe three to four dates — before deciding if you want to pursue a relationship with the other person. Who knows? They just might reveal something about themselves that might make you decide they are worth your time,” adds Tze Kee.
This article was first published on DUET magazine.