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Tea Lovers (Online Event)

Calling all tea lovers! Take a short personality quiz and find out which type of tea lover you are, and we will deliver craft tea that suits your taste, right to your doorstep! Enjoy sipping on your customised cup of tea while mingling with other tea lovers. Share your customised tea order with each other and you just might find your tea soulmate. Just like a face-to-face speed dating event, there will be rounds of rotations where everyone will get a chance to "meet" participants from the opposite gender one-on-one, with the use of private virtual video-conference rooms. Price includes a bottle of craft tea with delivery, video conferencing facilitation and rotations, and secret matching after the event.

Fees: $34 each
Time: 10:30-12:30
Event: 07 Nov-07 Nov
Venue: Online
Organised by: Dating Moments

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