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Let's Go Kelong Tour

Take on the seas and do something different this weekend! Discover the North Eastern Banks of Singapore on this 3 hour Kelong Tour. You'll get to enjoy wonderful sights, the cool sea breeze & gain new knowledge across the following areas: 1. Learn about sea channels and seaman lingo. 2. Learn about the past of Sembawang beach. 3. Learn about the Orang Laut at Seletar Island. 4. Learn about Singapore's Neighbouring Port (Pasir Gudang) 5. Learn about the Kelongs and what they do. 6. Learn about sustainable Fish Farming and its struggles. 7. Try your hand at Fishing (SURE CATCH) *extra charges apply If you're really lucky, you might spot some wildlife like seabirds & wild boars too!

Fees: $110 each
Time: 12:15-15:15
Event: 09 Oct-09 Oct
Venue: SAF Yacht Club @ 43 Admiralty Rd W
Organised by: Let's Go Tour Singapore

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