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The Barista Skill Workshop

Always wondered how your barista makes the perfect cup of coffee? Think no further as you can be your very own barista through this workshop! Through The Barista Skill Workshop, you'll get to master: - Basic coffee knowledge - Types of coffee beans - History of coffee - Types of coffee beverages - Different roasting techniques - How to use an Espresso machine & grinder When you are armed with the theory, it's time for some hands-on experience to making your very own cup of coffee! They include: - Grinding of coffee beans - Tamping & Making espresso - Making your very first affogato with Haagen Dazs vanilla ice cream - Practice Milk frothing techniques - Free pouring - Making your first creative latte art

Fees: $80 each
Time: 09:00-12:00
Event: 09 Oct-09 Oct
Venue: P-Wits Studio 883 North Bridge Rd #02-04
Organised by: P-Wits

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