Terms & Conditions

  1. Spark Connections is open to all registered SDN website members.
  2. Spark Connections will be a year-long campaign ending 31 December 2021 (the "Campaign Period").
  3. Each SDN website member will be issued with $100 electronic credits which can be used to offset up to 50% of the price of the event(s), workshop(s), service(s) or promotion(s) from Partners. The list of event(s), service(s), workshop(s) and promotion(s) will be listed on this microsite. Credits issued for Spark Connections will NOT be transferable, and any unused credits will be void after the Campaign Period.
  4. SDN website members participating in Spark Connections ("Participants") will be personally responsible to ensure that there are sufficient credits in their accounts when they sign up for the Partner's event(s) or service(s), workshop(s) and to pay the balance amount of the event(s) and service(s), that is, the difference between the price of the Partner's event(s), service(s) and workshop(s) and the credits deducted. Participants would be expected to top up the difference if there are insufficient credits.
  5. The Partners reserve the right to accept or reject Participants' registration for their event(s), service(s) or workshop(s).
  6. Registration for Partner event(s), workshops(s) or service(s) does not constitute a confirmation of participation. Partners would inform Participants of successful placement for the event(s), service(s) and workshop(s) subsequently. Confirmation is subject to capacity, marital status and gender balance. Credits would be deducted upon successful confirmation of the event(s), service(s) and workshop(s).
  7. Participants will need to inform Partners in writing on their intention to withdraw. Approval of withdrawal and refund of payment and credit is at the discretion of Partners. The refund of credits will be at the sole discretion of the Partner, in line with their refund policy. Participants are advised to read through the Partner's refund policies and full terms and conditions. There will be no refund of credits for no-show/ non-utilisation of event(s), workshop(s) or service(s) after registration and deduction of credits by the Partner.
  8. By signing up for Spark Connections, Participants are agreeable to receiving future communications from SDN on any other relevant information.
  9. SDN reserves the right to, at its sole discretion, amend, vary and/or withdraw any of the terms and conditions or details of Spark Connections without prior notice.
  10. Spark Connections credits should not be used in conjunction with other promotions.