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Spark Connections brings together specially curated events, services and workshops for eligible individuals to make new friends while pursuing their hobbies and interests. Simply do what you love, meet people you like!

Spark Connections is happening from 6 September to 20 October 2019. So hurry, register as an SDN website user via the "Sign Up / Login" button at the top-right corner of the page and get $100 worth of credits to offset up to 50% of each of these featured deals!​

Dating Events

Organized By Agency: Love Express Services
Event Date: From 06/04/2019 Till 06/04/2019
Event Time: From 2:15 PM to 5:30 PM
Dress Code: CASUAL
Group Size: 24
Meeting point: SOMERSET MRT
Primary Contact Person: CONSULTANT
Primary Contact Person No: 68231232
Primary Contact Person Email:
Cost: SGD 69.00
Registration Open: 17/02/2019
Refund Policy:
Please refer to
Payment Details:

Any inquiries, plse e-mail or call 68231232

Or make payment to via bank transfer, paynow or credit card

Break away from the hustle and bustle of the real world into the virtual realm!  Brainstorm and strategize with your team mates to fend off enemies and solve mind-boggling mysteries. Then celebrate your victory or ruminate about missed clues. Enjoy an afternoon with a fun thematic event – VR Escape game, which is a team based game to solve mysteries with many great opportunities to make new friends. Interaction and cooperation are keys to solving the puzzles. Have great fun in the interactive game that stimulate lateral thinking and be assured of exciting, nerve-wrecking and heart pumping fun time. After the mental stimulating game, enjoy a time of great conversation with your friends over a drink at a cool cafe. 

Price is inclusive of VR escape game and facilitation at Escape Game venue. Please note that each room accommodates max 6 pax and there are 3 different timings for the Escape Room.  All registered SDN members will receive $100 electronic credits for 50% offset in event price.. To register, plse login to or email to