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Dating Events

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Dating Events

Organized By Agency: Love Express Services
Event Date: From 11/10/2019 Till 11/10/2019
Event Time: From 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM
Venue: Lavender MRT
Dress Code: CASUAL
Group Size: 12
Please note that this is a skill-equipping workshop with NO Gender Balance among participants.
Meeting point: Lavender MRT
Primary Contact Person: CONSULTANT
Primary Contact Person No: 68231232
Primary Contact Person Email:
Cost: SGD 79.00
Registration Open: 04/08/2019
Refund Policy:
Please refer to the Event Organiser's Website or contact the Event Company for their detailed refund policy.
Payment Details:

Sign up by logging into and choose latest events. Or e-mail event code, your name, gender, NRIC, and mobile # to Any inquiries, plse e-mail or call 68231232

Payment via bank transfer, paynow or credit card.

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Nobody can deny that relationships are a two-way street, but what we often fail to realise is that we can lack self-awareness at times, causing ineffective interaction with others. Before we can attempt to understand the other person to forge a successful relationship, we have to understand ourselves and our motivations first. Here’s where the Enneagram profiling comes in - it is a powerful tool that has long been used to help individuals get in touch with themselves. A symbol of unity, diversity, change and transformation, getting your Enneagram profiling professionally done by our specialist, Esther Yap / Cindy Leong, can help you in your journey in building stronger and more meaningful relationships. Let the power-packed Esther Yap / Cindy Leong, trained Enneagram analyst polish your senses and bring out the best in you. So what will you take away from this workshop? Here’s a preview: - Understand your own personality profiling - Find out what you need in a partner based on your profile to bring out the best in you - Learn about the different communication styles to make sure you get your messages across the way you want them - Know and understand what motivates people - Learn how to avoid the common pitfalls in relationship-building - misunderstanding and miscommunication. Are you ready to work towards the best version of yourself yet?

Event includes workshop, 1-1 consultation of your profiling results, light meals and drinks. This event does not require a gender-balanced ratio. All registered SDN members will receive $100 electronic credits for 50% offset of event price.