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Event : Sunrise Adventure & Selangor trip. 4-6 Oct, Fri night-Sun (Option A: include Blue Tears & Fireflies) Spark Connections
Organized By Agency: One Plus One
Event Date: From 04/10/2019 Till 06/10/2019
Event Time: From 10:00 PM to 10:15 PM
Venue: Selangor (Malaysia)
Dress Code: Casual
Group Size: 30
Meeting point: 10pm at Newton MRT station
Primary Contact Person: Jerald Lim
Primary Contact Person No: 90170885
Primary Contact Person Email:
Cost: SGD 158.00
Registration Open: 18/08/2019
Refund Policy:

For Refund Policy, please refer to

Before signing up the event, please also read the "Terms and Conditions" for matters regarding eligibility, application process, payment, issuing of Contact List, indemnification of organisers, identification checks, etc.

For Terms and Conditions, please refer to

Payment Details:
Please refer to event description. Payment by fund transfer only. After receiving the necessary details, we will email you the payment procedures for fund transfer.

* vacancies filled. To be on wait list, please SMS/Whatsapp 90170885 or email to with your: Name, Gender, Email, mobile no., nric no.

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Step away from the hustle and bustle of the city and catch a beautiful sunrise at Bukit Taisho, located at the Negeri Sembilan state of Malaysia. If you are lucky, besides the beautiful sunrise, you might be able to catch a picturesque "Sea-of-Clouds" beneath the hill. Participants need to hike about 45min to the hill peak. The hike is moderate in distance and difficulty.

After watching the sunrise, we will head to Kuala Selangor for hotel stay and to Bukit Melawati, home to the silvered leaf monkeys for sightseeing. At night, we will gear up to experience the enchanting glow of "Blue Tears: and magical sparkle of fireflies during the boat ride. "Blue Tears" are bioluminescent microorganisms which produce a glowing blue light when seawater around them are twirled.

Price includes transport, boat ride to view Blue Tears and fireflies, 1-night accommodation at Kuala Selangor, and 1 dinner.

**If you are not keen to experience Blue Tears and fireflies, please refer to this link for the event entitled, "Sunrise Adventure & Selangor trip (Option B: Without Blue Tears & Fireflies)".

Itinerary (subject to change)

Day 1 (4 Oct, Fri night):
- Meet 10pm at Newton MRT. Or 10:30pm at 'Private Bus Pick-up point' of Jurong East MRT.

- Proceed with the trip. Rest and relax in the coach. Meal and washroom breaks along the way.

Day 2:
- Reach Bahau town of Negeri Sembilan. Around 6am, we will do a 30-45mins hike up the Taisho Hill. Trail grade: moderate for a healthy person. Please wear walking/hiking shoes & bring torchlight. Those not going for hike may rest in the coach.

- Watch sunrise on hilltop. During first light, sometimes there are Sea-of-Clouds scenery beneath the hill.

- More details will be provided soon. Or refer to our website for better details:

Day 3:
- More details will be provided soon.

- Around 9:30pm: back in Singapore via Second Link. Dropoff at Jurong East and Newton MRT.

Cost includes:
- boat ride to view Blue Tears
- Fireflies viewing
- 1 dinner in restaurant
- 1 night accommodation at Kuala Selangor, mostly 2pax sharing
- Transport
- $10,000 Group Insurance and $500 Medical

Cost excludes tipping for guide and driver, which is $4 from each participant.

Important: Please ensure your passport has at least 6 months validity from event date.
If you like to receive group insurance, please provide these details by 2 Oct: Name in passport, Passport no., Expiry Date, DOB, Nationality.


How to apply?
Option A: click here to apply via our website.

Option B: email to with all these details:

- Name:
- Gender:
- Email:
- HP no.:
- Nric no.:
- No. of friends invited (if any):
- Which event: Sunrise, Blue Tears, Fireflies (4-6 Oct, Fri-Sun)

* Also provide all the above details of your friends (if any)
* You may also SMS or Whatsapp application details to 90170885.
* After receiving the necessary details, we will email you the payment procedures for fund transfer.