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Event : Online Chat Room (Chinese Zodiac Compatibility: Tiger, Horse, Dog)
Organized By Agency: CompleteMe
Event Date: From 06/07/2020 Till 06/07/2020
Event Time: From 11:30 PM to 11:45 PM
Venue: Online
Dress Code:
Group Size: 16
Meeting point: Online
Primary Contact Person: Michelle
Primary Contact Person No: 81252321
Primary Contact Person Email:
Cost: SGD 8.90
Registration Open: 25/06/2020
Refund Policy:
There is no refund once payment is made.
Payment Details:
To register, kindly proceed to this link to make payment via credit/debit card. Confirmation of place is upon payment. 

Our popular events are often sold out fast, but do not fret. We do have a waitlist which you can join. You don't have to pay anything! You will be informed of any vacancies as soon as possible!
Join this unique chat room and meet like-minded singles. You can CHAT with new friends FIRST before you “LIKE” each other via MUTUAL MATCHING. Here, it is more than first impressions - there will be plenty of opportunities to communicate and get to know each other better before you decide to “LIKE” the person. 

Based on this website, people who are born in these zodiac are compatible with each other. This chat room is especially catered for singles who are born in Tiger (e.g. 1974, 1986), Horse (e.g. 1978, 1990) and Dog (e.g. 1982, 1994).

3 reasons why this chat room is unique! 
1. There will be a good gender balance with at least 16 participants (8 gentlemen and 8 ladies). 
2. All participants are legally single. 
3. Most importantly, we do mutual matching after 2 weeks of chatting! 

How does it work? 
1. Sign up by 6 Jul 2020, 2359. 
2. We will ensure there is a good gender balance and a minimum of 16 participants (e.g. 8 ladies and 8 gentlemen) before this “chat room” is available. We also have to do screening to ensure all are legally single before they are added to the chat. 
3. The chat room will be available from 11 Jul 2020, 0001 till 31 Jul 2020, 2359. All details will be sent to paid participants, via email by 10 Jul 2020, 0001. Please keep a look out in your email/ junk mail/ spam folder. 
4. Start chatting with anyone in the virtual room privately. 
5. We will inform you to complete the survey form by 26 Jul, 2359 to indicate who you wish to know better after 2 weeks of chatting. 
6. We will do mutual matching on our end and inform you by 28 Jul, 2359 about your mutual matches via SMS. 
7. Whether you have mutual matches or not, you will able to use the chat room until 31 Jul, 2359.