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Event : Dinner for 8 (Ladies >/= 42, Gentlemen >/= 46) - 2 FREE Online Sessions worth up to $37.80
Organized By Agency: CompleteMe
Event Date: From 23/01/2021 Till 23/01/2021
Event Time: From 6:15 PM to 8:15 PM
Venue: Esplanade
Dress Code:
Group Size: 8
Meeting point: Esplanade
Primary Contact Person: Michelle
Primary Contact Person No: 81252321
Primary Contact Person Email: completeme@outlook.sg
Cost: SGD 48.90
Registration Open: 01/01/2021
Refund Policy:
There is no refund once payment is made.
Payment Details:
To register, kindly proceed to this link https://cm230121c.peatix.com to make payment via credit/debit card. Confirmation of place is upon payment. Our popular events are often sold out fast, but do not fret. We do have a waitlist which you can join. You don't have to pay anything! You will be informed of any vacancies as soon as possible!
This event is specially curated for Ladies born on/ before 1979 eg 1979, 1978 and Gentlemen born on/ before 1975 eg 1975, 1974. 

Know new friends in a group of 8 (4 ladies and 4 gentlemen) over a casual dinner. Let's step out of your comfort zone and make it an unforgettable evening with good food and fun conversation! There will be one rotation by the gentlemen to ensure that you get to talk to all of the opposite gender. The rotation is WITHIN your group of 8 and no cross groups will be allowed due to regulations. Mutual matching will be done after the dinner date. 

To maximise your experience, do download Telegram. As we are not allowed to approach the diners due to intergroup mingling regulations, all participants will be added into a Telegram chat group and we will remind participants to move via the chat. The chat group will be the same participants as the dinner group. You can continue your communication with them on Telegram for another week! The Telegram chat can be in a group on the main or individually. You can connect with your match/es via the Telegram chat group too. 

Price includes main course dinner, remote facilitation of rotation, mutual matching and Telegram group chat facilitation. 

It comes with 2 FREE Online Sessions, which is happening in Feb 2021, worth up to $37.80. We will contact you by 1 Feb 2021 to select your sessions.