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Event : Let's Chat on Telegram: Ladies >/= 33, Gentlemen >/= 35
Organized By Agency: CompleteMe
Event Date: From 25/02/2021 Till 25/02/2021
Event Time: From 11:30 PM to 11:45 PM
Venue: Online
Dress Code:
Group Size: 16
Meeting point: Online
Primary Contact Person: Michelle
Primary Contact Person No: 81252321
Primary Contact Person Email: completeme@outlook.sg
Cost: SGD 9.90
Registration Open: 12/01/2021
Refund Policy:
There is no refund once payment is made.
Payment Details:
To register, kindly proceed to this link https://cm250221b.peatix.com to make payment via credit/debit card. Confirmation of place is upon payment. Our popular events are often sold out fast, but do not fret. We do have a waitlist which you can join. You don't have to pay anything! You will be informed of any vacancies as soon as possible!
Join this chat room and meet individuals who have similar age group with you. You can CHAT with new friends FIRST before you “LIKE” each other via MUTUAL MATCHING. Here, it is more than first impressions - there will be plenty of opportunities to communicate and get to know each other better before you decide to “LIKE” the person. 

This session is especially catered for Ladies born before/ on 1988 (e.g. 1988/ 1987) and Gentlemen born before/ on 1986 (e.g. 1986/ 1985). Participants will need to download Telegram and willing to share their Username with the rest. The chat works 2 ways: 1) You can change in the main room with all others. 2) You can text each other individually. For Telegram, there will be 1 games night, whereby we can play games via Telegram. 

There is an optional column whereby you can choose to share your year of birth with the group. Hopefully, this will attract people who are keen to know people of your age group and hence help you speed up your search for happiness. You will get to see the other participants' age if they choose to reveal too. 

How does it work? 

1. Sign up by 25 Feb, 2359. 

2. We will ensure there is a good gender balance and a minimum of 16 participants (e.g. 8 ladies and 8 gentlemen) before this session is made available. 

3. All details will be sent to paid confirmed participants, via email by 2 Mar 2020, 2359 after participants’ marital status are verified. Please keep a look out in your email/ junk mail/ spam folder. 

4. Start chatting with your new found friends. 

5. We will inform you to fill up a survey form on the 15 Mar. Do complete the survey form to indicate who you wish to know better by 17 Mar, 2359. 

6. We will do mutual matching on our end and inform you by 19 Mar, 2359 about your mutual matches via SMS.