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Event : 30s Meet Post-83 (Fri, 9 Apr). Guys in 30s. Ladies born in 1983 & after. Spark Connections
Organized By Agency: One Plus One
Event Date: From 09/04/2021 Till 09/04/2021
Event Time: From 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM
Venue: a restaurant in town
Dress Code: Smart casual
Group Size: 7
Meeting point: Disclosed only to confirmed applicants.
Primary Contact Person: Jerald Lim
Primary Contact Person No: 90170885
Primary Contact Person Email: info@oneplusone.com.sg
Cost: SGD 34.00
Registration Open: 26/03/2021
Refund Policy:

For Refund Policy, please refer to www.oneplusone.com.sg/refund-policy.html

Before signing up the event, please also read the "Terms and Conditions" for matters regarding eligibility, application process, payment, issuing of Contact List, indemnification of organisers, identification checks, etc.

For Terms and Conditions, please refer to www.oneplusone.com.sg/terms-and-conditions.html

Payment Details:
Please refer to event description. Payment by fund transfer only. After receiving the necessary details, we will email you the payment procedures for fund transfer.

* Event is full. You may apply for wait list.

Time for some good food and laughs with new friends alongside a hearty dinner.

Age range for this event:
For guys: in the 30s age range.
For ladies: born in 1983 and after.

For ladies & guys who are 1-2 years below/above respectively, you may apply for wait list.

Venue: In a restaurant in town. Disclosed only to confirmed applicants.

Meet-up time: 7:00pm. Please arrive by 7:20pm. Session is until 9pm or earlier.

Cost: $17 or $34, includes dinner. Will be $17 for those with sufficient sdncredits. Require prepayment by fund-transfer. But please do not make payment until you are advised to do so.

Measures and additional conditions:
i) Due to limited group size (up to 7 participants), attendance is important as it will affect gender ratio. Be sure that you can attend before applying.

ii) After a seat has been allocated, do not withdraw unless you are unwell.

iii) If need to withdraw due to unwell, you must notify organiser at earliest or by 1pm on 9 Apr, plus produce MC within 3 days. If without MC, the next event may consist of additional $5 attendance fee which will be returned only after you attended that event.

iv) If you or organiser manage to find suitable replacement in time, the MC and attendance fee in (iii) will not be required.

v) Properly wear a mask, except when consuming food or drinks.


How to apply?
Option A: click here to apply via our website.

Option B: email to info@oneplusone.com.sg with all these details:

- Name:
- Gender:
- Email:
- HP no.:
- Nric:
- No. of friends invited (if any):
- Which event: 30s Meet Post-83 (Fri, 9 Apr)

* Also provide all the above details of your friends (if any)
* You may also SMS or Whatsapp application details to 90170885.
* After receiving the necessary details, we will email you the payment procedures for fund transfer.