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Dating Events

Event : Let's Chat & Connect in Telegram (now till 31 Jan). *FOC for those with photo
Organized By Agency: One Plus One
Event Date: From 29/01/2022 Till 31/01/2022
Event Time: From 8:00 PM to 9:00 PM
Venue: Online (Telegram)
Dress Code: Casual
Group Size: 60
Meeting point: Online (Telegram)
Primary Contact Person: Jerald Lim
Primary Contact Person No: 90170885
Primary Contact Person Email: info@oneplusone.com.sg
Cost: SGD 9.00
Registration Open: 28/11/2021
Refund Policy:

For Refund Policy, please refer to www.oneplusone.com.sg/refund-policy.html

Before signing up the event, please also read the "Terms and Conditions" for matters regarding eligibility, application process, payment, issuing of Contact List, indemnification of organisers, identification checks, etc.

For Terms and Conditions, please refer to www.oneplusone.com.sg/terms-and-conditions.html

Payment Details:
Please refer to event description. Payment by fund transfer only. After receiving the necessary details, we will email you the payment procedures for fund transfer.

*Slots for few ladies at the moment. Guys may apply for wait list. Ratio shifts from time to time.

Join us for an interactive group chat in Telegram. At any time, members may have casual chat with the group or have private chats with those that they prefer to. They may initiate topics, share stories, discuss movies/dramas, share memes, conduct polls, suggest nice places, get to know each other better, etc.

* This event is FOC for those who provide a profile photo for the event's contact list. If you don't have a profile photo in Telegram, you may send one to organiser after your application has been acknowledged. The photo must be real, not too dim, face without mask/sunglasses and not side view.

The chatgroup is activated in Oct, and it will remain open at least until 31 Jan for existing members to continue their chat and for new members to join. Note that there is no formal chat session scheduled for 29 Jan. Members may have free and easy chat at any time, any day. There will be minimal or no facilitation from organiser.

Participants must have Telegram app and also set up a username. A Link will be provided to join the chatgroup. Be sure that you are able to be in the group for at least 1 week, whether you are active or not.

A contact list with members name, photo and Telegram username will be provided a few days after you joined the group. If you like to use a preferred name for the list, let us know.

(a) No fee for those who has a photo of himself/herself for contact list. We recommend this option, but it's your choice

(b) For those who are not in (a), it is $9. Require prepayment by fund-transfer. But please do not make payment until you are advised to do so.


How to apply?
Option A: click here to apply via our website.

Option B: email to info@oneplusone.com.sg with all these details:

- Name:
- Gender:
- Email:
- HP no.:
- Nric:
- No. of friends invited (if any):
- Which event: Telegram Chat & Connect (now till 31 Jan)

* Also provide all the above details of your friends (if any)
* You may also SMS or Whatsapp application details to 90170885.
* After receiving the necessary details, we will email you the payment procedures for fund transfer.