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Event : FREE Chat on Telegram session worth $9.90
Organized By Agency: CompleteMe
Event Date: From 08/08/2022 Till 08/08/2022
Event Time: From 11:30 PM to 11:45 PM
Venue: Online
Dress Code:
Group Size: 40
Meeting point: Online
Primary Contact Person: Michelle Goh
Primary Contact Person No: 81252321
Primary Contact Person Email: completeme@outlook.sg
Cost: SGD 0
Registration Open: 16/07/2022
Refund Policy:
Not applicable
Payment Details:

We are on Telegram! Join us on our Telegram Channel and we will be giving all channel subscribers 1 FREE “Chat on Telegram” session worth $9.90 for every month that you are a subscriber. 

How to redeem this chat session? Add us on our Telegram Channel and we will announce it there! 

If you are a lady, add us on https://t.me/completemeladies 

If you are a gentleman, add us on https://t.me/completemegentlemen