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Event : Graduates night (Fri, 26 May)
Organized By Agency: One Plus One
Event Date: From 26/05/2023 Till 26/05/2023
Event Time: From 7:00 PM to 8:45 PM
Venue: restaurant in town. Disclosed only to confirm applicants
Dress Code: Smart casual
Group Size: 12
Meeting point: at the venue
Primary Contact Person: Jerald Lim
Primary Contact Person No: 90170885
Primary Contact Person Email:
Cost: SGD 10.00
Registration Open: 17/05/2023
Refund Policy:

For Refund Policy, please refer to

Before signing up the event, please also read the "Terms and Conditions" for matters regarding eligibility, application process, payment, issuing of Contact List, indemnification of organisers, identification checks, etc.

For Terms and Conditions, please refer to

Payment Details:
Please refer to event description. Payment by fund transfer only. After receiving the necessary details, we will email you the payment procedures for fund transfer.

** For event description & our full list of interesting events, please refer to this page.

* Priority will be given to those who are within/near the age range of the majority. Recommended age range: mid-late 20s to 30s, or near to these range. For guys below 30, pls check with us for slots before applying.

This is a casual dinner session for singles with an academic degree. For this event, the contact list will include the university that attendees graduated from. Applicants must also be currently employed and receiving a liveable income. By signing up, you are declaring that you meet the requirements as stated.

Venue: a restaurant in town. Disclosed only to confirmed applicants.

Meeting time: 7pm. Session is until around 9pm or earlier.

Cost: $10 (admin fee only). Require prepayment by fund-transfer. But do not make payment until you are advised to do so. Dinner will be at own expense, with minimum spending from $15. Must order at least a main dish. It won't be an expensive restaurant.


How to apply?
Option A: click here to apply via our website.

Option B: email to with all these details:

- Name:
- Gender:
- Email:
- HP no.:
- Which Uni?
- First 3 characters of Nric (eg S89):
- No. of friends invited (if any):
- Which event: Graduates night (Fri, 26 May)

* Also provide all the above details of your friends (if any)
* You may also SMS or Whatsapp application details to 90170885.
* After receiving the necessary details, we will email you the payment procedures for fund transfer.

* Please bring Singpass mobile app to event for organiser to verify that your status is Single. Alternatively, bring Nric & login to SDN website to prove that you are SDN member.