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SDNTrust Dispute Resolution

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The events listed on are provided by private dating agencies accredited by the SDN Trust Accreditation Council. SDN monitors these dating agencies to ensure that they comply with the following SDNTrust Accreditation Criteria & Standards:

  1. Identification and Disclosure of Business Practices
  2. Information and Security Practices
  3. Service Recovery and Dispute Resolution Practices
  4. Commitment to Service Excellence
  5. Commitment to Training and Development

Singles are advised to approach the private dating agencies directly about their services and fees as they are not agents/ vendors of SDN. To mediate/ resolve any disputes that arise between singles and the accredited dating agencies, singles may approach independent authorities such as CASE, Small Claims Tribunal or the Singapore Mediation Centre.

SDNTrust 3-Step Dispute Resolution Procedure with clients

  • Step 1: Identification of Dispute

    The accredited agency/practitioner receives the client’s complaint via telephone, post or email.
  • Step 2: Resolve to Settlement

    The accredited agency/practitioner will respond and try to resolve the complaint with the client within 3 working days. If the investigation into the complaint cannot be completed within 3 working days, the accredited agency/practitioner will send a written acknowledgment to the client, indicating the agreed timeframe with client to resolve the dispute. 
  • Step 3: Independent Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

    If the dispute remains unresolved, SDN will direct the parties to an independent Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) body, such as the Small Claims Tribunal, Singapore Mediation Centre or CAS​E.

For feedback on the accredited dating agencies and other clarifications, please contact SDN via email ( or telephone (Tel: 1800-111-2222)​.