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About Us

About Social Development Network (SDN)

SDN was established in 2008 and works with partners in the private, people and public sectors to promote a conducive environment for eligible individuals to meet and form meaningful relationships by:

  • Engaging and forming collaborations to increase social interaction opportunities for individuals to meet and interact with one another. The SDN website (www.sdn.sg) serves as a convenient and credible platform for eligible individuals to access information on relevant dating and relationship content, as well as details of events planned by SDN and its partners.

  • Ensuring that affordable and quality dating services are available to individuals who wish to equip themselves with relationship skills and find a marriage partner. With the SDNTrust Accreditation Framework and Partner Connection Fund, SDN develops the dating industry by attracting private companies and growing their business competencies.

  • Laying the foundation for building healthy relationships among eligible ind​ividuals by equipping them with social skills and life skills on building meaningful relationships. SDN funds ideas and initiatives from various organisations to create more opportunities for individuals to socialise with one another

About Spark Connections

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